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Anaheim, CA, USA

Situated south-east of Los Angeles



The Theme park central?

Anaheim, is probably considered to be the capital of Theme Park central! At least as far as California is concerned anyway. It is the original home of all things Disney. With the Disneyland Resort, Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney and of course all the related themed hotels to go along with it too..

More to see than just theme parks

Seems like another reason to visit would be - of course, another theme park being Knott’s Berry Farm. Yet, there is more to this city with its’ orange grove Spanish colonial-style history and setting. Especially relevant would be the many concerts, festivals, marathons and events throughout the year. Almost always, there is something on the local calendar for you to do. In addition is the thriving sporting culture that is definitely alive and well here too.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Disneyland, California Adventure & Knott’s Berry Farm

When to visit: April, June & September

Average Hotel Prices: $105

Cheapest Months: January & February

Nearby Places: Los Angeles, San Diego & Las Vegas

Best reasons to visit: Theme Parks, Family, Leisure, Food, Entertainment

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