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Tampa, FL, USA

Fun in the Sun



Melting Pot

Tampa is situated on its namesakes Bay amongst the Gulf Coast of Florida. An American, Cuban and Spanish melting pot of cultures. It is all combined to give a city that has an enormous diversity. In flavor, philosophy, and history. As a renowned business center for Florida, it is even more so, a major vacation playground for those wanting to get away.

Water Fun

With beaches just a short 30-minute drive away, you can easily while away a day there. But then, you may choose to go to the Hillsborough River and paddle away there to your heart's content. Then, there’s always the opportunity to head off in a boat and enjoy some of the water activities that way too. Either making your way to spot some gators lazing in the sun. Or spotting some of the occasional manatees and turtles that frequent the nearby waters.


But whatever you do leave plenty of time to enjoy the city and all the various parklands and neighborhoods. There are so many hotspots within places like Ybor City, or thrills with all the theme parks and of course visiting for one of the many festivals and shows that pack the calendar.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Busch Gardens, Florida Aquarium & Lettuce Lake Park

When to visit: May, June & July

Average Hotel Prices: $95

Cheapest Months: June, August, September, October & November

Nearby Places: Orlando, Daytona Beach & Fort Lauderdale

Best reasons to visit: Beaches, Theme Parks, Culture, Leisure, Family, Shopping & Food

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