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Seattle, WA, USA

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Fresh Air

This Pacific Northwest city, Seattle, is set on the gorgeous Puget Sound and surrounded by striking waterways. It has a picturesque mountain backdrop filled with evergreen forests and parklands galore. The air is so fresh and inviting, that scheduling in some time to take some big deep breaths are always high on any visitor’s agenda.


Seattle is the perfect mix of town and country. With many varied walking tracks, picnic spots and water activities all easily accessible. This is combined with start-ups and long-standing pillars of the ever-growing Tech industry. Together with the home of Starbucks there is a vibrant café culture that ushers in a great friendly atmosphere. This is also coupled with hip boutiques, mall sprawls and marketplaces to make it a fabulous place to visit.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Space Needle, Pike Place Market & Aquarium

When to visit: April, October & November

Average Hotel Prices: $230

Cheapest Months: January, February, March, November & December

Nearby Places: Portland, Vancouver & Yellowstone NP

Best reasons to visit: Food, Leisure, Culture, Family, Landscapes, Shopping, Skylines

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