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Savannah, GA, USA

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River City

The southern city of Savannah, in the state of Georgia is situated on its namesake River. Actually, it sits right across the border from South Carolina which is just the opposite side of the River. The city is also surrounded by the islands and waterways that are scattered throughout this section of the east of coast.

Spanish Moss

The city has an enormous amount of charm and appeal to it. Which is why it’s such a delightful place to wander and explore. With squares and parks paved with cobblestones filled with Spanish moss-covered trees that dance in the breeze. Horse-drawn carriages trot by the antebellum and gothic architecture that lines the streets. It is these things that certainly assist in giving the city a real nod to a time of a yearlong ago.

Culinary delight

With a rich sense of history, culture and nod to the arts – including literature, movies and fine art. With many galleries along the Art Walk displaying local and world renown artists. Also, there are numbers of famous books and movies from here that will surely give you that easy sense of familiarity. The city is also a culinary delight with many a restaurant and café. So let your tastebuds run amuck and discover as much as you can. It is incredibly easy to indulge in the southern hospitality here along with its slower pace of life.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Forsyth Park, Historic District & Tiffani Taylor Gallery

When to visit: May, August & September

Average Hotel Prices: $80

Cheapest Months: January

Nearby Places: Charleston, Atlanta & Jacksonville

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Leisure, Family, Food, Beaches & Landscapes

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