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San Antonio, TX, USA

Spice Up Your Life

San Antonio


Melting Pot

With its’ proximity to the Mexican border it is easy to understand why San Antonio is cultural melting pot of spice, color and life.

The Alamo

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and is steeped in history with the Alamo, missions, the Riverwalk and the Natural Bridge Caverns. It is also home to a SeaWorld, a Six Flags park and the US’ largest Mexican market. With a large art community too, San Antonio is full things to experience, see and do.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Alamo, Riverwalk & the Tower of the Americas

When to visit: April, July and October

Average Hotel Prices: $75

Cheapest Months: January

Nearby Places: Houston, Dallas and Oklahoma City

Best reasons to visit: Sightseeing, History, Food, Tours, Family, Entertainment, Art

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