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Reno, NV, USA

The Biggest Little City in the World



Small City Vibes

Reno is well-known for it's title of, “The Biggest Little City in the World”. And it’s easy to see why this would be the case. It has practically everything that you would need either within the city limits or close by. But all the while it still remains on the smaller side as far as cities go. With around 250,000 residents and only around 100 zip codes to it really does have that small city feel. This city is an absolute favorite destination for tourists and vacationers though. As there is an enormous amount to keep you occupied quite happily.


Many once came here in search of gold in the surrounding areas. Now they mostly come in search of a different type of gold. The type of gold you find in the casinos! For instance, Harrah’s Entertainment – which is now known as Caesars Entertainment Corporation, began here. Plus, there are many of the other well-known casinos and hotels within the city. So, finding a good slot machine or table to play at is not very difficult at all.

Lake Tahoe

But if you’re not into gambling there is certainly many other options on offer. Especially if you are into the great outdoors. Being located by the Sierra Nevada and nearby Lake Tahoe makes for a nature lovers paradise. With water sport activities to while away the warmer months. Then, the colder months are easily taken care of too, with the access to the nearby ski fields and resorts.

Quick Stats

Highlights: National Automobile Museum, Casino’s & Animal Ark

When to visit: April, October & November

Average Hotel Prices: $65

Cheapest Months: January, March & June

Nearby Places: Sacramento, San Francisco & South Lake Tahoe

Best reasons to visit: Leisure, Food, Entertainment, Landscapes & Shopping

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