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Philadelphia, PA, USA

You Can Ring My Bell



The Liberty Bell

Philadelphia – where the Liberty Bell once rang loud and proud in this fabulous city. Declarations of independence were dreamed, written, signed and proclaimed along with the Constitution of this mighty country. As America, found its way; Philadelphia continued to grow in stature, culture and size.


As the largest city in Pennsylvania and situated on the Delaware River, Philadelphia has that wonderful waterfront flair. Sport fanatics is a great way to describe this city’s friendly people. An urban beauty, due to the Mural Art Program that has transformed thousands of the exteriors of the cities buildings. “Philly” as it’s fondly called, remains today a city still standing tall and proud as it did in centuries past. Never more evident than with the imagery of iconic pop culture “Rocky”. As he raised his arms in triumph atop the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall & Philadelphia Museum of Art

When to visit: April, September & October

Average Hotel Prices: $165

Cheapest Months: January

Nearby Places: Atlantic City, New York City & Washington DC

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Skyline, Leisure, Family, Food, Shopping

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