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Los Angeles, CA, USA

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Welcome to Hollywood

Los Angeles


Fame & Fortune

From a Walk of Fame, to strolls along beaches and red-carpet struts, Los Angeles truly is the city where dreams are made.

City of Angels

Los Angeles is the second largest city in America and as the City of Angels - it’s heaven except with a Hollywood sign. With sundrenched days dripping with luxury brands, studio backlot tours and a car & pop culture that has inspired many a decade. Los Angeles is a hustle of ambition with a laidback lifestyle envied by many.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier & Rodeo Drive

When to visit: March, April and September

Average Hotel Prices: $210

Cheapest Months: January & February

Nearby Places: San Diego, San Francisco & Las Vegas

Best reasons to visit: Beaches, Sightseeing, Entertainment, Shopping, Food, Theme parks, Tours, Family, Couples

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