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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Entertainment – Gambling - Nightlife

Las Vegas


What Happens in Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of those cities where anything you think happens, probably does, and that’s why it’s said it should “stay there”!

Sin City

These days there is so much more to Las Vegas than just the resorts flashing neon lights and the clattering of the casino slot-machines. This desert town known as Sin City is also world famous for its live shows, shopping, resort & spas and restaurants.

Quick Stats

Highlights: The Las Vegas Strip, live shows, casinos and shopping

When to visit: May, September and October

Average Hotel Prices: $90

Cheapest Months: January, February, March, June & December

Nearby Places: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix

Best reasons to visit: Entertainment, Gambling, People watching, Nightlife, Food, Shopping, Tours, Family, Couples

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