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Key West, FL, USA

Southernmost Point of Florida

Key West


Island City

The island city of Key West is the southernmost point of Florida. Coming in right at the end of the Florida Keys archipelago. Interestingly though, it is closer to Cuba – 90 miles away, than Miami – 159 miles away.


A paradise for all those wanting to chill out, relax and unwind. With endless horizons of aquamarine waters lapping the surrounding shores of the sandy beaches. You really can let yourself be lulled into a much slower pace. Well known for a great destination to go diving or snorkelling. With coral reefs giving a wide variety of things to discover.

Cruise Ships

Often used as a cruise ship stopping point, as it is a launching place for the Caribbean and more. It is a wonderfully idyllic place to actually watch these ships go by as you’re sipping your cocktail on the beach.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Southernmost Point Buoy, Ernest Hemingway House & Mallory Square

When to visit: June, September & October

Average Hotel Prices: $190

Cheapest Months: June, August, September & October

Nearby Places: Miami, Orlando & Charleston

Best reasons to visit: Beaches, Leisure & Food

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