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Indianapolis, IN, USA

Capital City of Indiana



Welcome to Indy

For this most populous and capital city of Indiana, Indianapolis is quite a treat. There is an amazing number of things to do for visitors of all ages. Not to mention for the locals to get out and explore their very own city for all it’s worth. And with the nickname “Indy” you just know those locals are of the friendly persuasion.

Motor Speedway

As a city that is synonymous with speed, full throttle and fumes of gasoline. You would think that all there is to it is “just” the Motor Speedway. Now, yes, that does account for a number of spectacular races and events throughout the calendar. But there is so much more.

Restaurants & Cafes

There are numbers of restaurants and cafes that are garnering the city’s reputation as a culinary destination. Plus, there is a fast-growing brewing scene too, that’s sparking lots of interest. But beyond that are the art and entertainment scene, museums, parks, Central Canal and trendy neighborhoods. All of which are full of exciting and surprising adventures and delights.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Children’s Museum, Central Canal & Motor Speedway

When to visit: May, August & September

Average Hotel Prices: $115

Cheapest Months: January

Nearby Places: Cincinnati, Louisville & Chicago

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Leisure, Family, Entertainment, Shopping & Food

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