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Grand Canyon NP, AR, USA

The North & South Rims

Grand Canyon


Seen to be believed

Carved out throughout the years this stunning canyon truly ranks as being “seen to be believed”. Photos and images just don’t give you the scope and grandeur of the Grand Canyon – try as they may.

Stand in awe

The Grand Canyon is perfect if you are set to go for a hike, helicopter or light airplane flight over it, or just going to stand there in awe. Going to watch the colors change with the rising and setting sun is a must. Plus, the night sky in all its uninterrupted glory is quite spectacular too. With the most stars that you could probably just about ever see!

Quick Stats

Highlights: The Grand Canyon

When to visit: March through May and September through November

Average Hotel Prices: $240

Cheapest Months: May, June, August, September & October

Nearby Places: Grand Canyon Village, Las Vegas & Flagstaff

Best reasons to visit: Landscapes, Family, Leisure

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