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Detroit, MI, USA

Detroit was the motor city.



Motor Running

Get your motor running and head on out to Detroit. The redevelopment and renaissance that this city has undergone might just surprise you. Once upon a time it was the huge thriving metropolis. Michigan’s largest city in the Midwestern corner of this great state.

Motown Records

The nickname “Motor City” was once a very true impression of the city. With the automobile industry making a very strong influence on the rise, fall and comeback here. But also, there is the fact of Motown Records being birthed here too. You can discover more about this ground-breaking and chart-topping company at their headquarters in Hitsville.

Detroit Industry Murals

There has been a massive influx of the arts in Detroit too. With the like of the neoclassical Institute of Arts telling the story and history of this great city. Detroit Industry Murals painted by artist Diego Rivera are definitely a big part of this too. But there is also a vibrancy that is now present too. With many sporting events, markets, a zoo, aquarium, parklands and much more to interest vacationers.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Belle Isle Park, Henry Ford Museum, Institute of Arts

When to visit: May, June & September

Average Hotel Prices: $130

Cheapest Months: February, April, May & June

Nearby Places: Cleveland, Columbus & Indianapolis

Best reasons to visit: Leisure, Culture, Food, Entertainment & Skyline

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