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Denver, CO, USA

Denver, the capital of Colorado



Old West era

Despite being a city that dates back to the Old West era - Denver, the capital of Colorado, stands tall as a city that is very present in today too. Furthermore, with its crisp freshness, it has an air that shines like a newly minted coin. In fact, you can visit the Mint here in town where coins are being produced still today.

Mile High City

The Rocky Mountains loom up to their great heights just to the west as a magnificent backdrop in all their splendour. With this "Mile High City" moniker and it's cultural and sporty influences, Denver is definitely a city to behold. A sophisticated city that is juxtaposed with an outdoorsy down to earth feel that leaves you welcomed in a way unlike no other. In addition, it is the dozens of yearly festivals and distinct neighborhoods that give it that cosmopolitan flair that is so appealing.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Zoo & Denver Museum of Nature & Science

When to visit: April, October & December

Average Hotel Prices: $125

Cheapest Months: January, March & December

Nearby Places: Colorado Springs, Boulder & Aspen

Best reasons to visit: Landscapes, Leisure, Culture, Family, Food

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