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Daytona Beach, FL, USA

White sandy beaches that line the shores Atlantic Oceans coastline.

Daytona Beach


Build some castles in the sand

Daytona Beach, Florida, has 23 miles of white sandy beaches that line the shores Atlantic Oceans coastline. For this reason, it is the perfect place to spend some vacation time. You can simply relax, soak up some of the glorious sun and build some castles in the sand. All while breathing in that fresh sea air.

International Speedway

That is unless you are visiting for a different reason. One that is synonymous with adrenaline, heart pumping, fuel burning and noise! People flock to this city for all things motor related. This includes not only NASCAR, motorcycles, go carts and also designated areas to drive on the actual beach itself. The iconic International Speedway is the focal point around all this. As it is an enormous drawcard to the city and all the events that are associated with it too.

Timucuan Indians

You would be wrong to think that the history here is all modern though. In fact, the beginning of the story here goes back to the native ancestors of the Timucuan Indians. There are also the times of the Spanish and French settlements that also brought with them their cultural flair. So, as it turns out there is quite a bit to discover and explore in this coastal city.

Quick Stats

Highlights: International Speedway, Boardwalk & Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens

When to visit: May, June & July

Average Hotel Prices: $70

Cheapest Months: January, September, November & December

Nearby Places: Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Leisure, Family, Beaches & Theme Parks

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