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Charleston, SC, USA

Charleston is a city that allows you to take a peek into yester-year!



Oldest & Largest City in South Carolina

Charleston is a city that allows you to take a peek into yester-year. Especially considering it is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. But it seems that you can easily step back to a time that has a slower pace. As the city’s much more relaxed atmosphere greets you with its wonderful southern charm.

French Quarter and Battery districts

This is especially reminiscent in the French Quarter and Battery districts. And with the elegant pastel antebellum houses, Rainbow Row lining the street overlooking the water’s edge. You will find yourself at a leisurely stroll along the cobblestone streets, rather than at a quick dash. Another house there of notoriety is the Pirate House. Yet an additional example of a city that is steeped in history.

Lowcountry Cooking

Plantations that have seen many a battle through the wars of old still hold a special place with visitors. As does Fort Sumter. Another drawcard is the restaurants specializing in Lowcountry cooking. It is a fusion of flavors from Southern US, African, French and Caribbean cuisines.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Rainbow Row & the Battery, Fort Sumter & The Pirate House

When to visit: March, June & July

Average Hotel Prices: $130

Cheapest Months: January & December

Nearby Places: Savannah, Myrtle Beach & Charlotte

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Family, Leisure, Food & Shopping

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