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Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana

Baton Rouge


Mississippi River

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and it lies on the Mississippi River. With just under 250,000 people living there – it makes for an easy city to navigate. So, this beautiful city has become such a great destination for tourists of all ages. It has so much to offer with fun, exciting and interesting things for such a wide range of interests.

Old-World Plantations

Whether you are into the old-world plantations that are throughout the south. Or the tours of the swamps that give a very different perspective on the surrounding landscape. In addition, to getting your history knowledge expanded through a visit to the Capitol Building. Then there’s lots for you to encounter.

However, you would be a little remiss if you didn’t go and explore the LSU Stadium. And of course, the Mike the Tiger Habitat! This town loves their sport and college sport is definitely a big draw. Once you’ve had your fun at the local Blue Bayou Waterpark then you’ll be wanting to sink your teeth into some amazing Cajun and creole cuisine. It will get your tastebuds salivating for sure!

Quick Stats

Highlights: Capitol Building, LSU Stadium & Blue Bayou Waterpark

When to visit: April, May & June

Average Hotel Prices: $70

Cheapest Months: January

Nearby Places: New Orleans, Houston & Jackson

Best reasons to visit: Culture, Leisure, Family, Entertainment, Shopping, Food & Landscapes

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