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Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Atlantic City lies along the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic City


A resort city

Atlantic City lies along the Atlantic Ocean on the New Jersey coastline. It is a resort city established back in the 1800’s for the likes of the wealthy and elite to vacation. It has had a rather lively history, especially throughout the prohibition period. But there has always been a sense of playfulness to it that remains to today.

World-famous Boardwalk

Many visitors come for the glitz and glamor of the pull of the casinos. And the city has plenty of these. One might think that it’s all there is. However, this would not be the case. Yes, there are plenty of casinos to try your luck at. But the rest of the city has much to offer.

With several museums of different descriptions, you could have a great time learning quite a bit. Then, of course, there is the world-famous Boardwalk itself. There is a whole range of things to encounter as you wander in and out of the eateries, stalls and various attractions. The beach is right there too. With a wide variety of water sports activities and boating tours set to thrill you as you spot dolphins and whales.

Quick Stats

Highlights: Boardwalk, Steel Pier & Casinos

When to visit: April, June & August

Average Hotel Prices: $160

Cheapest Months: January, March, April, June, September, November & December

Nearby Places: Ocean City, Philadelphia & New York

Best reasons to visit: Beaches, Leisure, Family, Entertainment, Shopping & Food

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