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10 Travel Hacks from Seasoned Travellers

Updated: Jan 29


Trippo Tips

Here at Trippo, we understand that people's time is valuable. Life these days is so busy and hectic enough let alone making sure you've done everything extra on your agenda before you make your way off on that last-minute business trip, or finally that long-awaited vacation. So, considering all this we thought we'd come to the rescue with some simple travel hacks that'll help make any travel plans you have go that bit smoother…

1. Packing a Suitcase

When packing a suitcase or bag, make sure you place the heavier items at the bottom of it, that way it won't topple over and making it hard to manage or manoeuvre.

2. Roll & Fold

Roll and don't fold your clothes as you pack - it reduces wrinkles meaning less time having to fuss over them once you reach your destination, but also, you can fit more in!

3. Mix & Match

Choose clothes that are within the same colour palette so that way you can mix and match creating more outfits out of less clothing. Using separates like pants/skirts & shirts as opposed to dresses, will also give you more variety than those single items too.

4. Roll Up

Roll your belt up and use it to keep the collar on your shirt stiff, by merely placing it in the neck hole with all the buttons fastened.

5. Fill Up

Fill your clutch or evening bag with all your jewellery and then put it in your carry-on handbag. You'll save space and weight in your suitcase and most importantly, you make sure your valuables won't get lost.

6. Wind Up

Bulldog/Binder Clips - These are fabulously hand tools that have a myriad of uses. For instance, use them to cover and protect your razor. Wind your headphones around them so they don't become a tangled mess. Obviously, you can always use them to keep any receipts, travel papers or documents together too.

7. Use Containers

Empty containers - Tic-Tac boxes are great for bobby pins & toothpicks. Sunglass cases are helpful for phone chargers. Soap containers are great for cameras or even spare money and credit cards. This also can be a way of getting you out of trouble in case of theft.

8. Zip Up

Ziplock bags - Store wet bathing suits in between travel stops. Put all your toiletries in them so you don't end up with shampoo over your clothes. Put the hotel remote control in one and that way you avoid any nasty germs. Then of course they're great for snacks on the go too.

9. Power Up

Power strip/board - When traveling, access to power outlets and the need for charging all your devices comes at a high premium - especially if you're with multiple people. So packing one of these power strips/boards can save a multitude of arguments and hassles. They're especially handy if you're traveling overseas and you need to have those costly adaptors. This way one adaptor can give you up to five or six power points with very little expense.

10. Smell Fresh

Dryer Sheets - put these in your case and your clothes will smell freshly laundered even if they could use a wash. We won't tell!

Bonus Tip

Photos & Emails - use your phone to take photos of all your essential travel documents and papers that you'll need along the way. Then email a copy to yourself in case your phone is also stolen, this way you'll always have access to copies in case of emergencies. This too is important if you're on a business trip doing presentations. Email your information, research, and presentations to your web-based email address, and you'll be prepared whatever drama may come your way.

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